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"Bourbon Red Turkey - A Kentucky Heritage Worth The Tradition"

Welcome to our Bourbon Red Turkey site!

Bourbon Red Turkey Scott & Kathy have grown STAR Farm from a dream and now want to share the blessings! Our specialty, Bourbon Red Turkeys available for Fall.

We at STAR Farm, Hardyville, Kentucky, would like to thank you for your contribution to preserving this National and Kentucky Heritage.

We have a very limited supply of turkeys for Thanksgiving. Most turkeys will be between 8 and 10 pounds, and cost $12 a pound.

About the Bourbon Red Turkey

The Bourbon Red turkey was developed by J.F. Barbee and named for Bourbon County in Kentucky’s Bluegrass Region where it originated in the late 1800’s and ‘Red’ for the rich, chestnut color of the plumage. The Bourbon Red variety was recognized by the American Poultry Association in 1909 and was ambitiously selected and promoted for traits, including a conformation with a heavy breast and richly flavored meat. The Bourbon Red was an important commercial variety through the 1930s and 1940s, however, it declined in popularity as it was unable to compete with the broad breasted varieties. Since 2002, renewed interest in the biological fitness, survivability, and superior flavor of the Bourbon Red has captured consumer interest.

This holiday season, thousands of Americans will forgo their normal Large White commercial turkey to enjoy a different kind of bird. “Heritage” turkeys are enjoying a culinary comeback. Thanks to the joint efforts of breed conservationists, farmers and a movement called Slow Food, demand for heritage turkeys is on the increase, although, it is a unique partnership with consumers that is catapulting heritage turkeys to the attention of food lovers nationwide.

As one of the only domesticated animals to originate in North America, preservation of the rare heritage turkey breeds is like preserving a historical building or rare document. It’s a piece of American history!

About Our Farm

All animals raised natural and free range.

All turkey and chicken is for sale processed, USDA inspected, all natural and ready to cook.

Kathy is Available for Presentations.
Kathy speaks about promoting and preserving heritage breeds, and all about bourbon red turkeys. She has spoken at the KY State Fair each year since 2007. Please contact her for more information.